Tuesday, 22 June 2021

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About This Site

Breathwork is the generic term for specific breathing exercises where the breathing is done in conscious and systematic ways, with specific purposes in mind. One definition is that: Breathwork is the intentional alteration of the breathing pattern for healing and mind-expanding purposes.


Breathwork comprises techniques such as Pranayama (Yoga breathing) Tai Chi, Chi Gong (Chinese breathing exercises), Holotropic Breathwork, Rebirthing (and a number of techniques based on the Rebirthing breathing pattern, but within different contextual frameworks) as well as other similar techniques.


Breathwork.be aims to represent the whole spectrum of breathwork techniques in an equal and impartial way. Although all material on this site has been through a scanning process before publication, they do not always represent the views of Breathwork.be. For comments or more information regarding a specific article or view, you may therefore have to contact the author directly.

What We Do

We do breathwork!

Breathwork is the healing and focused application of conscious, connected breathing, guided by the Spirit of Breath and held within the sacred container of a therapeutic relationship.  Working purposefully with the breath seems to uplift the whole arena of human therapeutic interaction and naturally promotes awareness, transformation and integration, and delivers participants to a place of deep inner connection and an improved sense of well-being.

Therapeutic Breathwork engages all three aspects of body, mind and spirit in its approach to awareness and healing. The three primary areas of benefit are: 1) body-mind therapy, 2) personal development and 3) spiritual enlightenment.  Each one of these approaches may be the primary focus of any given breathwork session, yet all three seem to comprise the full scope of facilitating Therapeutic Breathwork.

The first step in this practice is in reminding the body how to breathe an "open, healthy breath”, i.e. the natural, relaxed and uninhibited breath most of us began with as infants. Then, by "picking up the inhale”, i.e. by starting the next breath a little sooner and closing the natural pause or gap, the connected or circular breath is established. This approach of body-mind therapy usually initiates a direct encounter with whatever physical, emotional and/or mental patterns may have developed in the past and are currently getting in the way of an individual living and breathing fully and easily.

Secondly, Therapeutic Breathwork aims to uplift the body, mind and spirit of the individual towards new levels of personal performance and creative expression. The empowering aspect of breathwork helps a client to explore new levels of personal expression, purposefulness and interpersonal communication within relationships. As a part of this process, a client is guided and "coached” through a variety of personal growth techniques and tools that seek to engage and direct their life, imaginatively, productively and with an orientation of spiritual purpose.

Thirdly, Therapeutic Breathwork is utilized to aid an individual's journey toward spiritual enlightenment. Allowing the Spirit of Breath to lead the session, a Therapeutic Breathwork practitioner often observes and must carefully attune to and negotiate the presence of what has been called "non-ordinary states of reality”. The revelations that often occur during this phase of the session may be extremely profound and usually benefit every aspect of an individual's life experience. Together, these aspects of body-mind therapy, personal development and spiritual enlightenment make up the core components of Therapeutic Breathwork, and help to identify it as a uniquely powerful and dynamic healing modality. With the current rise and support of professional and ethical standards of breathwork internationally, Therapeutic Breathwork shall soon be seen as the cutting edge to personal empowerment and as well as an equally effective adjunct to psychotherapy and spiritual disciplines.

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