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August 2007 Breath And Breathing Report By Dan Brule

I am writing to you from Moscow. I just spent ten days in Kyrgyzia (Kyrgyzstan) which borders on Kazakhstan. Our group gathered near Issyk-kul Lake, about six hours drive from the capital: Bishkek. The lake is a hundred miles long, fifty miles wide, and a mile deep. Its said that a thousand rivers empty into it. Its very clean, clear and slightly salty. Surrounding us in almost every direction were magnificent snow capped mountains.


The farmland and village life around the lake doesnt seem to have changed much over the centuries. Several times each day a donkey drawn cart would pass by our camp. And we could hear horsemen and herdsman whistling, yelping, and calling out to each other in the fields. We stayed in traditional yurts. We drank water from a spring. We munched on the local apricots and plums; and every morning a Korean Buddhist community nearby would bring us fresh milk and cheese, sweet butter and sour cream.


This was my first visit to this country. I found the people to be so bright and beautiful, so simple and honest. In our group of breathers were people from all walks of life: a lawyer, a pilot, a doctor, psychologists, teachers, students, business men and women, and mothers with their small children. What a delight it was to see them all open to the spirit of love and awareness. And it happened so quickly and easily. Nature sure helps the process!


Thank you to Irina who hosted our group at her camp by the lake, and to Nina who organized the event. And special thank you to Luba ( who led the early morning and late evening gatherings, encouraging to sing, dance, draw, and paint. One day, we drove to some hot springs nearby to soak and breathe in warm mineral water. And we picnicked by a beautiful spot near a rushing river.


We started the breathing intensive with between twenty and twenty five people, and after six days, another dozen people joined us. There were many newcomers and first-timers, as well as a number of experienced breathers and several members of the practitioner group from Kazakhstan. On the evening that the new group arrived, I thought it was a good time to ask the participants what they were getting from the training, and to invite the new people to tell us why they came. The following come from that sharing.


Last year, I began to have health problems and trouble with my breathing, and in that moment, I heard that Dan was coming to Kazakhstan. At the seminar, miracles happened. During my breathing session, I felt warm waves flow thru my body. Not only did all my energy channels open, but something in the top of my head opened. I have done three trainings since then, and I have become totally healthy and strong. I have also begun to help others to experience this peace and pleasure. I see that the process heals not only emotional and psychological issues, but physical problems too. Ive seen many problems go away; and I feel that something sacred happens when we breathe in this way.


I am using the breathing training to quit fifteen years of smoking, and I believe that stopping this habit will help me to make other improvements in my life. I see that I can combine breathing together with other healing methods and techniques to help myself.


I came to the seminar in order to use breathing to enter altered states of consciousness. But since being here, I have been learning to simply breathe and relax. And the important thing has been learning to let go of my minds expectations, and to practice patience with myself. And this has opened me to unexpected benefits and many new possibilities.


This is my first seminar. And I have just begun to practice this technique. But already I feel my health is improving. I have changed my consciousness, and already my relations to other people are becoming more harmonious. Many small irritations and unnecessary reactions are going away, as I am learning to just breathe and relax.


This has been a very unexpected thing. So much has happened. I didnt think it was possible to change so many things so easily and quickly. Most of all I have learned to work on myself, with myself, by myself. I am able to look at myself, my thoughts and feelings, as if I am a witness, standing aside.


I had one breathing session with a student of Dans, and it was wonderful. And so when I heard about this seminar, I did everything I could do to come. I am a curious person, and I will see what else will happen. I dont plan on solving any physical, psychological or emotional problems, but if they come I will work with them.


I came here to learn inner harmony with myself and the outer world. And yesterday I realized that I want to improve my relations with my parents. I didnt come with this goal, but now it is very strong. I also want to realize my higher self, and I have decided that I want to join the practitioner program. I am just so very grateful to be here.


I have come to learn how to be more conscious and how to relax. And since coming, I have totally new feelings in my body, wonderful feelings. And through my body I got some insights and I discovered some things about myself. And so now I too have decided to join the practitioner training. I see how effective this method of conscious breathing is, and how quickly it works. And I want to learn more.


I am here thanks to my teacher. I have done five sessions with her, and it is she who got me interested in coming here. I read the newspaper interview with Dan, and I heard so much about him and this work from my friends. And so I decided to come. I want to help myself with this process and also to help my family and friends.


I want to help myself and those who are close to me. I realized that the breath is life itself, and it is possible to breathe joy and love. And it happened while I was breathing that I discovered that God is really within me and he is really within everyone: it is not just words. And now I want to go deeper into this reality, into this amazing truth.


After each session, it takes time to realize how much has happened. After each session another link in the chain is discovered. In yesterdays session, I realized that I have a rib cage! And I felt it come alive and expand. And now I feel the breath so tender and light moving in me. Its wonderful.


I want to know how the breath helps in healing. I tried several methods and failed to understand them. Thats why I came to be here. When I tried other methods, I did not get the benefits I wanted. I want to obtain peace and I want to be free of many small pains.


I accompany my mother here and I also have my own aims. I have learned different methods from several schools and I want to learn another one. I have no diseases and no problems. I am not interested in healing anything in me. I just want to learn the method.


I am a beginner in this method, and so far I like it a lot. I feel that I am managing to accomplish good results and I want to practice more.


I did my first training last year with Dan, and got such amazing and unexpected results. My vision improved and I no longer wear glasses. I practice sports and my performance in sports has improved too. In general I feel so great now. And I believe that I can add quality and many years to my life with conscious breathing. I believe that Dan is not only a teacher of breath, he is a teacher of wisdom. He has opened us to so many methods of solving problems, and how to find our true self, and how to see ourselves and the world with kind loving eyes.


This is my first time at this kind of event. Id like to find solutions to some problems at work, and I also have a health problem. I had an accident and crushed my lungs, and because of that I have a problem with my breathing. If this method can help me live better and longer, I would be very grateful.


I am interested in living in harmony with myself and to live in harmony with this world. I have a teacher: Osho. It is wonderful but difficult because I could not touch him or talk to him. So I am grateful to life that I have another Osho in Dan. This is a gift to me.


I came to learn this method and to help heal myself, my relatives, my children and to learn to live in harmony with my inner and outer world. I am ready to begin.


Last year, I did a practitioner training with Dan. And I dont know how it happened but I began to work intensively with this method, not only with myself but also with all my students. I have a school of psychology called Inward Path. We have helped many people, but I always had the feeling that something was missing. And I realized that the breathing is exactly what  was missing. Ive done dozens of sessions with people, and every session is different. Some people feel extreme pain and release it. Other people go back to childhood memories. Some people feel such pleasure and they look at me with eyes filled with love after that. And so if you ask why I am here, I would say it is because I love Dan! And I have brought eight students from my school here. And because I see such wonderful results, I have also brought my family and colleagues here. You could say that I have infected them with my love for this practice.


I am here simply to master the breath. Thats it.


I want to learn this breathing technique to expand my consciousness. I want to go beyond some limits: physical, psychological, emotional limits, and limits to awareness. Whenever you reach these limits and go a little beyond them you feel such satisfaction and happiness. And it feels so good to know that with each new understanding you can share it with others, you can help others to grow.


This is the first time I have attended this kind of event. I love the talks, and I have gotten so many answers to so many of my problems. And I was surprised that only using your breath, you can reach such deep relaxation, and that you can change your state. And I believe that the more I practice, the more relaxed and peaceful I will be.


I have become so interested in observing the feelings and sensation that arise during a breathing session. And I am so grateful that this seminar gives me a chance to go deeper into this process. And I am so grateful that I met Dan.


I dont know why I am here. It keeps changing. Every day is so different, so amazing. This space of freedom and safety is so interesting to me. I am so grateful to Dan for this game of breath, this game of mind, this game of feeling, this game of consciousness. I love that I can be like a child and just do whatever comes to me.


I first came to this seminar by accident. I didnt really understand what it was about. But when I discovered that it was about breathing, I had this strange and powerful feeling come up in me. So powerful I came to tears. And now after being here for these days, I am so happy. I feel that I have been able to remember who I really am.


So, the simple everyday healing miracles continue. But my focus more and more is on creating the retreat center in Baja Mexico, where we can not only teach and learn and practice, but where we can actually live the principles that we have come to honor and cherish. Ill be there November through March. All the breathwork trainings will take place there. Everyone is invited to come to our little piece of paradise to breathe and relax. But bring your own camping gear!


After Moscow, I will return to the USA to do a training at the Windham Retreat in New York (Sept 7-11); then Ill drive cross country to do another training in Sedona, Arizona. In October Ill go to Barcelona, Spain for the first time; and then to Vilnius, Lithuania.


For more information on breath, or to attend a breathing event, check the schedule at Email: . Or call 508-345-7574.


Good luck in your practice. I hope to see you in Mexico, or somewhere else on the path.


With love and blessings,





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