Friday, 22 March 2019


Stay Focused Get Two Minutes Of Fresh Air Every Hour

Alertness can be hard to maintain in today's fast paced controlled air offices. It can be hard to stay focused working on one thing for extended periods of time, we tire, loose focus and our mind satrts to wander onto other things.

Unless you stop them, barriers in your mind start to rise up by themselves. Your alertness and focus gets killed by drowsiness, distractions, and habit energies like getting lost in checking emails etc. One other thing that happens is that we start to breathe poorly.

Remaining focused and alert for extended periods of time, we tend to tense up as we start to tire and loose focus and this naturally results in shallower breathing patterns.

This shallower breathing would not be so bad if we were breathing fresh air, however most of us do not have that luxury and we have to breathe the artificially freshened recirculated air in our places of work. So what can you do about this, read on to find out.


Breathe Clean Cool Fresh AirThe solution is simplicity itself, step outdoors for two minutes to breathe some fresh air. While you're taking the two minute fresh air break, simply focus on your breathing, try to turn off the thoughts and simply be fully aware of each breath you take for two minutes.


Just try it! First notice how you are feeling before you take the break, and then how you are feeling once you return from the break.


I can pretty much guarantee that you will feel more alive, alert, energised and bouyant on your return from the two minutes of breathing fresh air.


Make the two minute break a habit. It has all the ingredients of an action that you'll be able to perform regularly and it will help you to  you stay alert, happy and focused and you'll feel organized and efficient.


If you have found this tip useful, you will find more of the same in my On-line breathwork exercises on this website.


As always I am happy to get questions, comments and feedback on this and any other breathwork related issue.


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