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Problems Versus Possibilities. Welcome To The June 2006 Breath And Breathing Report! By Dan Brul&#23

At the most recent stop in Paris, something happened that seems to be happening more and more in my breathwork practice: people with many years of experience are coming to the seminars and sessions as if to explore breath and breathing for the first time. Perhaps that is because I keep approaching breathwork as if it?s the first time! And what?s most exciting is that the work (if you can call it that!) is less about solving old problems and more about exploring new possibilities!

The seminars and sessions at the Garden Atelier in Paris were so soft yet so powerful. Thank you to Patricia for creating such a beautiful and quiet place to breathe right in the middle of this exciting city; and thank you again to Catherine and Stephane for attracting and enrolling such a wonderful group! We?ll be spending a whole week at the garden from October 27 to November 1. If you?d like to combine a wonderful Paris vacation with an exciting course in Breathwork, then definitely put these dates on your calendar!

In Estonia, our group gathered out in nature. The weather was ideal and the setting was magical. We were in a place called ?Rabav,? which means something like ?marvellous bog.? The land there was once an ancient lake bottom. Walking on the forest floor was like walking on a giant stuffed mattress! We couldn?t resist laying our blankets and yoga mats out,listening to the birds, and breathing in the pure sweet air. We spent a lot of time under the stars, under the sun, and soaking in the wood-fired hot tub. The children ran free as deer calmly munched on the wild berries and watched us from the edge of the field. We also organized a fire walk in the evening of the longest day of the year.

Estonia is one of the most beautiful and ecologically pure countries on the planet?and it?s one of the best kept tourist secrets in the world! It has the highest percentage of spiritual breathers of any country and so it may be the most conscious place in the world. Certainly its people are among the most beautiful, bright and loving that I?ve ever met. In June of 2007, we plan a 10-Day Breathing Retreat/Vacation called ?Space and Depth.? We will travel to several historical cities and spectacular regions of the country, exploring the sea, the islands, lakes, rivers, and forests. I invite you to take part in this unforgettable breathing adventure! Start planning for it now.

The week in Lithuania was pure love, peace and joy! Andrius and Eva at the Shambu Yoga Studio have done such a great job of providing a space for breathworkers to refine their knowledge and to hone their skills. Joining me that week was Liah Holtzman, author of ?Forgiveness Equals Fortune.? She was one of the early rebirthers, and worked on Leonard Orr?s original ?Money Love Letters? in the late 70?s. Her grandmother was born in Vilnius, so her trip was a pleasure on many levels. The greatest pleasure for me was in doing over 35 individual sessions there in addition to the group training. I felt more energy with each session, and realized it was because not a single person came to me with a ?problem.? Instead, they came with ?possibilities!? I realized that for most of my life, I was addicted to fixing and solving emotional and psychological problems. In fact, for the first 20 years of my breathwork practice, almost everyone who came to me had a ?problem? that they wanted to fix or heal or solve or work on, or breathe through!

Maybe this was simply a natural reflection of my own inner reality: we attract people and situations that serve and support our own healing and growth. And maybe it is because breathwork is one of the most powerful and effective tools for healing deep psychological and emotional issues and problems. And, although most breathworkers still limit their practice to these things, it is clear to me that the real power and potential of breathwork is in discovering, exploring, and developing something deeper, something higher.

After almost 30 years of breathwork practice, I finally got that physical, emotional, and psychological problems are not really problems! They are part of the human machinery. These things will never go away! No matter how many psychological or emotional or physical problems we solve, there will always be another. And so if we make these things the focus of our work, then our work will never end! Maybe I have just grown bored with people who only want to?what Werner Erhard called?play paddy cake in their shit!

There is a better way. And with the coming world changes, we?ll need people who are not controlled or distracted by their problems. The way is to change your relationship to the thoughts, feelings and sensations, and emotions that arise in you. Use breathwork to change how you relate and react to these things. In so doing, you free up energy for the really important work? the juicy work of spiritual awakening and self-actualization! And along the way, problems seem to solve themselves, or they just stop being problems!

Of course if you are ?compassionate for the cash in it,? then you really don?t want people to drop their stories or their problems. If you earn a living by filling dental cavities, why would you want to see a final cure for tooth decay? And as a breathworker, if you are stuck in a cycle of emotional and psychological power problems, then don?t be surprised if everyone who comes to you has these issues too! You may need to see a lot of people get through these things before you are ready to move on. I just hope that it doesn?t take you as long as it took me to realize that we are always already free!

I am so grateful to everyone in Lithuania who has been participating in the seminars and the practitioner program. You inspire me with your emotional courage, your devotion to life, and your commitment to love. I have learned as much with you as you have learned with me. I am very excited about my next visit to Vilnius, September 7-13, because we will hold the first annual ?Certification Week.? About 25 candidates will be completing the Breathwork Practitioner Program, which began for some in June of 2005. I invite breathing students and teachers from all over the world to take part in this celebration!

The week in Italy on the ?Hill That Breathes? was as usual, awesome! Each time I visit, John is lighter and clearer than ever, and Gaia is more radiant than ever. There are more improvements to the property, and each group is more fun than the last! There must be something in the Italian countryside, the gourmet vegetarian food, the wind, the trees, the sun reflecting off the swimming pool, dancing in the tipi, or the wine? that makes breathing on the Hill seem like paradise! Healing miracles and life changing moments seem to happen every day there! I can?t wait for the next training September 14 to 21. If you can only make it to one international breathing event this year: make it to this one!

Now, next on the schedule is Sedona, Arizona July 7-12, and Santa Barbara, California July 14-17. Then it?s back down to beautiful Cancun July 22-30 for another week of practitioner training. From August 4-7 I?ll be at the Windham Retreat in Windham, New York. And then I?ll be in the Boston/Providence area from August 8-15. In the second half of August I?ll be in Amarillo. Then in September the fall travel begins: Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, and France. In January is another India Adventure. If you missed the last India trip, don?t miss this one!

Rebirthing-Breathwork: I once had a 1959 Chevy. It ran great when I bought it, and I?d often jump in it just to drive a block to the corner store for milk. After a few weeks of this stop and go driving, the car was hard to start, ran rough, and kept stalling at intersections. I took it to my mechanic friend who sold it to me. He just took it out on the highway and floored it! I remember feeling it cough and chock and spit smoke. He drove 70 mph for ten minutes, and by the time we got back to his garage, that Chevy was running like new!

We?re not so different. Every now and then, we need to get our breath spinning fully and freely. We need to do a connected breathing session?that is no pauses or gaps between the inhales and exhales. Pull the inhale in. Feel the expansion from side to side, front to back, top to bottom. Let the exhale go quickly and completely. Get into a rhythm and keep breathing for some time. Use the breath to awaken your energy and get it moving. Don?t be surprised if it?s difficult at first. And don?t be dismayed by any of the physical, emotional, or psychological ?stuff? that gets purged from your system in the process.

Doing a breathing session like this from time to time is just as important to your health and well-being as working up a good sweat or taking a hot shower. It?s just as important as brushing your teeth or washing your clothes, eating a good meal or having a bowel movement! You may not feel it all the time, but you have an energy body?some people call it the ?soul.? Rebirthing-Breathwork cleans and balances this vital energy body. It soothes and strengthens and heals the soul!

Breathing is the act of expanding and relaxing. This is the best way to meet and greet every experience. You live in an ocean of love and life. Expanding makes room in you for this love and life. When you relax, something in you opens. Love and life flows through you when you?re open. During a connected breathing session don?t react, resist, or judge what arises in consciousness. Instead, accept, enjoy, and embrace every thought, feeling, sensation, and emotion that arises. Non-resistance, non-reaction, non-judgment, acceptance, enjoyment, and enthusiasm: this is the moment-to-moment practice?the focus. You are safe no matter what you think! You are safe no matter how you feel!

Good luck! With love and blessings, Dan



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