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March 2006 Breath And Breathing Report By Dan Brule

The focus this month is on the second element in the Formula for Transformation. It?s about relaxation: the release factor. And the message is ?let go!? The practice is to consciously open, soften, loosen, release, and relax: not just as a skill during a breathing session, but as a vital and powerfully healing response to many life situations. It?s about choosing to trust in the perfection of life?it?s about relaxing into what is, as it is.

It is easy to do here. I am sitting in a beautiful old farmhouse about an hour outside of Paris. It?s warm by the crackling fireplace, and I can hear the sound of the stream outside. Catherine is laughing in the kitchen; Philippe and Stephane are doing the dishes, teasing her, and telling jokes. Milena, Patricia, Jean-Louis, Hervé and Muriel had wonderful breathing sessions. And now they are probably off doing contact improvisational dance somewhere in the city. Terri is settling in upstairs after flying here from the USA. The night is gentle and quiet. Life is lovely here in the Prieuré, in the village of Verdelot.

Last week, the seminars were in Manchester, New Hampshire. The group included an opera singer, a counsellor, a rolfer, a medical doctor, a business student from India, and several experienced breathers. The elegant old mansion where we gathered was once the home of the Sisters of the Holy Cross. A nice bonus to the event was all the live raw food and the healthy juices that Tom and Rozana so consciously and lovingly prepared for us.

A surprising treat for me was reconnecting with one of my favourite high school teachers! It was so much fun and so useful to reminisce with Sister Norma, and to revisit some key moments as a boy growing up in catholic school. So many memories were awakened in me?some wonderful and some not so wonderful?but all of them spiritual blessings, all them perfect happenings in a divine plan!

On the physical level, everything reached an interesting peak for me in the form of a root canal! After four nights and five days of no sleep and intense pain; that is, after a good long dose of practising what I preach about breathing and relaxing into intensity, I finally surrendered to dental medicine. Thank Kathleen for scheduling her breathing sessions in her home outside of Boston. She just happened to live five minutes away from a beautiful and talented team of professionals. Thank you to Parisa and Yelena for your loving care.

I especially want to acknowledge Kathleen for using breathwork to rid herself of years of debilitating illnesses: including anxiety and depression, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, digestive problems and sleep disorders. She describes her first breathing session as ?the most profound healing experience of my life.? This comes from someone who has tried doctor after doctor, treatment after treatment, and every self-help method there is!

To see her surrender so totally to the Spirit of Breath was an inspiration to me. To be in her presence while she simply got out of the way and let her Inner Healer do the work was a blessing to behold. I left her sessions re-committed, re-dedicated to this work, to sharing this gift called ?spiritual breathing? with the world. Thank you Kathleen for such a vivid demonstration of the power of simply letting go!

In breathwork, ?letting go? involves the physical, emotional and psychological levels, but it begins and ends in consciousness. It requires an intention, a genuine desire, and a real commitment. It requires the willingness to open, soften, loosen, release, relax, and let go.

Think about these words: ?open, soften, loosen, release, relax, let go.? Think about what they represent. Meditate on them and what they mean to you. Go deep into them. Breathe these natural qualities of your being. Focus on creating a moment to moment experience of them. Use each and every breath to express and reflect your intention and willingness.

Open yourself to your spirit, to your inner healer. Open to the love, joy and peace within you and around you. Soften and loosen the bands of fear and tension that have formed around your innocent inner child. Release your muscles and joints. Relax your entire body. Let go of the exhale quickly and completely, again and again.

Open to that space of peace and power within you. Relax into that place at your core that is impervious to doubt and confusion. Release all the accumulated negative impressions and the limiting influences placed upon you by yourself and others. Use every breath to create the sense of opening, softening, loosening, releasing, relaxing, and letting go.

Loosen and soften the walls that you put up to protect and defend yourself from the world and others. Let go of any rigid ideas you hold. Soften your position on things. Loosen your grip on life and yourself?actually and metaphorically, practically and symbolically. Commit to a more open, soft, relaxed experience of life, yourself, others, and the world.

Use your breath to release any hard feelings you may be holding. Release any grievances you may have toward yourself or others. Release the energetic blocks and knots in your system. What you think is true may not be true! What you think is real may not be real! No matter what was true about you in the last moment, anything is possible for you in the next one! Release the past. Release the exhale. Let it go without hesitation.

Take the time now to relax completely. Again and again, with each breath, simply relax. Relax into yourself. Relax into a gentle breathing rhythm. If you think that healing and growth, transformation, or enlightenment requires hard work or a long time, think again! Loosen up physically, emotionally and psychologically. Let your breath flow fully and freely, easily and gently. Let every cell in your body fill with ecstasy! Let your fingers and toes tingle with delight!

Meet and greet everything that occurs in consciousness by expanding and relaxing. Let go of the habit of contracting in reaction to discomfort and pain. Choose to breathe and relax instead. Choose to open and soften, to expand and release. Loosen and soften your body whenever you notice it tensing or tightening in reaction to a thought, a feeling, an emotion, an event, or a life situation. There is no quicker way to end suffering.

There is a lot of talk among healers about ?trusting.? I hear people say that it is difficult for them to trust. I hear the reasons they give for not trusting someone or something. But it seems to me that in the end, it?s all about self-trust; it?s all about trusting in life itself.

Think of an infant, how totally trusting they are. They trust without it even being a thing that they do: it is a natural quality of their being. It is something that they ?are,? not something that they ?do.? You and I and everyone lived in that trust as an infant. And this way of being got us through the most rapid and intense growth periods of our lives, and it helped us to survive the most difficult of life situations.

I am suggesting that we begin to acknowledge how much trust that we actually have. I am asking you to see how much of your trust simply goes unrecognised. It is not hard to do. When you go to sleep every night, you trust that something will breathe you. When you eat, you trust that something will digest your food. When you drive, you trust that the other cars will stay on their side of the road. When you walk, you trust that the ground will not collapse under your feet. When you watch TV, you trust that the roof above you won?t fall on your head.

It seems to me that when some people speak of trust, they are referring to their need to predict and control life. For them trust means that something or someone will not change. There is the illusion of safety in this. But what does it say about our potential for growth, or the possibility of transformation? What does this say about our ability to celebrate the mystery of life? And what does this say about our willingness to embrace the unknown or the unknowable within ourselves?

Choosing to relax and let go is a conscious expression of our innate trust in life. Trusting is relaxation. Letting go of the breath is an exercise?an expression of our willingness to let go and trust in life and our essence. Releasing the exhale is a skill worth mastering.

Relaxation may be the only thing left to do for those who have already done a great deal of spiritual work. Letting go may be the final key to a life of seeking and searching. Or it may be just the spark that is needed to begin the journey home. Practice the art of letting go. Develop the ability to open and relax, and watch what happens to your inner world, to the quality of your relationships and to events in your everyday life!

Good luck! May every breath bring you health, happiness, and freedom. Now and always,


PS: Don?t forget to floss!

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