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January 2007 Breath And Breathing Report By Dan Brulã© (guchu Ram Singh)

Hello Everyone!

So much has happened in the past month on so many levels. It has been so difficult to translate all the feelings, events, and energies into words. But Iâ??ll try!

I just got back from a powerful month in India. There were 45 of us on the adventure: breathers from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Spain, and USA. And we all experienced so many miracles and so much magic! And it gave most of us an opportunity to stretch our comfort limits!

For me the trip brought such a deepening and such completion. "Conscious Breathing, Breathwork, Spiritual Breathing" really delivers the goods! I am feeling so light and calm and happy and free! I am so happy just to be alive and in love; happy to simply share what I am and what is, with whomever is open or asking. I am so awake to the reality that all is well; and so certain of the truth that all the work is done! This month leaves me so clear that for spiritual awakening, there is nothing to do and nothing to go through. No process is required, no technique is needed, no practice is necessary.

I know these are just words, but it is a fact in reality that everything we dream of, and all that our hearts desire, is already here and happening now! We are always already free! And so my latest lesson is that even the wonderful work of healing can be a trap, can become an obstacle to ultimate liberation! Only one step is needed. One step is enough. The first step is the last step.

We only need to drop or dissolve or relax into our center, our source. From that placeâ??that source or centerâ??everything we think, do, and say is inspired, is blessed. We are free! If we are not awake to that place, or not consciously connected to it, then anything we think, do, or say, is really wasted, useless, and basically insane!

As we transform our own minds, reality itself seems to transform before our eyes. India offered us all such an amazing opportunity to consciously look beyond the filth and poverty, the ignorance and chaos... and to realize the glorious light of the human spirit, and the eternal light of love shining in everything. And the most amazing thing is that when we brighten that light in ourselves, it shines brighter in everyone else!

The same is true of stillness. I had the most wonderful experience on my last day in India. I went alone to the Main Bazaar in Delhi: one of the noisiest, busiest and dirtiest places in the country. After some time of just walking the streets and taking in the sights and sounds and smells, I noticed that there were short gaps, lulls in the noise and activity.

When I focused on those gaps, those moments of quietness, they got bigger, wider. And so I began to watch and wait for those moments. I found myself on a street where craftsmen were pounding metal into boxes of various sizes, where others were building furniture, and still others were creating quilts, stone statues, or repairing bicycles.

Suddenly, I was enjoying a gap, a lull: everything around me went silent and still. It was amazing! And it lasted for such a long time: long enough for many of us to make eye contact, and quietly celebrate the moment. Then I realized that the quietness was not around me, but in me!

In the middle of all this chaos and noise, I had simply dropped down, dissolved, relaxed into my center. I had opened to my source. I became perfectly quiet, and at once, the outer world reflected that inner stillness. As the honking and barking and noise and clatter resumed, the stillness in me remained. And it persists. What a gift! What a blessing! But the whole trip was filled with gifts and blessings.

We started the month with a visit to Vrindavan. This is the famous place where Krishna was born and where he played as a boy. The city itself is so dirty... pigs and cows and monkeys, rotting or burning trash, and sewage everywhere. But we stayed and the MVT Guesthouse behind the Iskon Temple. And it was like an island of peace, an oasis of purity. The time we spent there was far too short!

But from there we went to Babaji's ashram in Herrekhan. (We went from Krishna to Shiva!) Bathing in the cool pure river Ganges was so refreshing and so renewing.And it was such a dramatic contrast to the dirty noisy cities of Delhi and Vrindavan. It was so wonderful to meditate in the cave where Babaji materialized his body in 1970: the same cave where it is said Shiva has been coming into the world for eons.

We climbed to the top of Mount Kailash and we received a tremendous blessing on the occasion of Maha Sankranti. After that week of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual purification, the magic and the miracles really began!

We went south to Chennai and to the beach at Mammalapuram. There, the group split off and went in different directions. Some of us had darshan with Sai Baba, some with Mother Myra. And some visited the Ramana Maharesh Ashram. A few people got quite sick with coughs and colds and fever.

After a week in the south, we returned to Delhi and we took an unplanned, unexpected trip to Pushkar. (From Shiva to Brahma!) And this turned out to be the main purpose of our pilgrimage. Pushkar is an ancient city built around a mountain lake. It is the place where Brahma met his wife and consort. And, where we heard there was a certain healer/teacher from a Brahman family called Guruji Mohan.

The moment I heard of him, I felt an immediate and total "yes" in every cell of my body. And he is indeed one of the most delightful teachers and healers I have ever met. He is such a pure and clear and simple expression of eternal truth. He is so ordinary and yet so extraordinary. He follows no particular religion and wants no followers. He asks for nothing and only gives and shares freely of his love, time, wisdom, and energy.

I'll be talking a lot more about Guruji Mohan and his teachings. In fact I will send out another letter soon because he has accepted my invitation and has agreed to visit the USA and Mexico in September. I will be organizing a four week tour for him in the fall. I'd like everyone I know and love to meet this remarkable man. I cannot imagine a more wonderful gift!

And speaking of gifts, the big news is Baja Mexico (Baja Bio Sana). For me it is a dream that has become a reality! I have decided to move to the Baja. The farm is about a mile from Agua Caliente and near the town of Santiago. It is not far from the resort cities of San Jose del Cabo, and Cabo San Lucas. The 20 acre farm is at 1000 feet above sea level, with the mountains at our back and a national bio-reserve as our neighbor, it is a perfect place to create an example of heaven on earth.

It is a perfect place to build a teaching and learning center, a spiritual retreat/resort. It is a perfect place to create a conscious community; a perfect place to demonstrate that we can live in harmony with ourselves, each other, and nature. It is a perfect place to set an example of sustainable agriculture, organic farming, off-the grid energy alternatives, water conservation, waste management, and much more.

Considering the coming planetary changes, it represents a safe refuge for members and supporters. I knew that such a place would come. Iâ??ve traveled the world for 25 years looking for it. It is an actualization of the â??Growth Centerâ??sâ? original mission and vision. And suddenly it is here now! The farm has mature mango and avocado orchards, and other fruit trees. The land is fed by pure mountain streams, and there are hot springs nearby! And such a high quality group of people are coming together to make it happen.

We will finalize the purchase of the property between Feb 10 and 15. We have raised about 65,000 so far, and we need to raise another $30,000 before the closing. But everything connected to this land has flowed so perfectly and effortlessly. This project is truly blessed, and it is obviously on course with the divine plan.

And so, I am reaching out to my family and friends, my students, clients and fellow breathworkers for support and participation. I invite you to make this a home away from home. I hope and pray that you will contribute in some way to this project, to help us move it forward. Please go to: and look over the pictures and read through the founders invitation. Iâ??ll be happy to give more details to anyone feeling drawn to take part in this opportunity.

The first â??Baja Healerâ??s Retreatâ? is scheduled for March. I invite breathworkers from around the world to come and relax, renew, and re-energize, to breathe, fast and meditate. The first Permaculture Training Course is scheduled for June. Experts from around the world will be using our land as a demonstration site for agricultural and environmental solutions.

Iâ??ve decided to travel less so that I can focus on the farm in Mexico. But I will keep my current 2007 travel commitments. And so you are invited to join me in celebrating the Power and Potential of Conscious Breathing anywhere along the path.

Here in a quick look at the 2007 schedule. Please check the website for details, and feel free to contact me for registration and information.

February: Baja, Mexico: Securing the property, establishing the base camp. Cancun, Mexico: Professional Breathwork Training; Sessions and Seminars.

March: First Baja Healerâ??s Retreat. Breathing, fasting, meditating, celebrating in nature.

April/May: Breathwork Trainings and Programs in Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine.

June/July: Special 10 Day Estonian Spiritual Breathing Training and Nature Tour. IBF Conference, Turkey: â??Beyond Therapy and Healing, Beyond Clearing and Releaseâ? Black Sea Breathing Camp: Professional Breathwork Training in the Crimea (Ukraine).

August: Italy: The Hill That Breathes. â??Feeling good no matter what!â? Spain: Presenting the first ever Spiritual Breathing Training in that country.

September: USA Tour with Guruji Mohan: â??Being Natural and Loose; Breathing Love and Truth.â?.

October/November: Baja Spiritual Breathing and Nature Trainings & Resort Nightlife and Beach Parties!

So, there's all news of the moment. I am looking forward to retiring from work as a teacher and healer, and turning instead to being a farmer and story teller! I know that the teaching and healing will continueâ??and even grow and expand. I know, because these are natural energies that come thru us when we are open and available to lifeâ??s plan, when we allow ourselves to be used in the service of love!

And so, as 2007 gets underway, I want to thank you for being a part of my life and a part of my work. I can't wait to breathe with you again! I canâ??t wait to share all that has been given to me and awakened in me in the past month!

With love and blessings,

Dan Brulé (Guchu Ram Singh) Mobile phone: 508-345-7574



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