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January 2006 Breath And Breathing Report

Dan the manThe big news for January is of course our India adventure!

Surely, it will be many months... even years integrating this trip! So many seeds were planted... There were so many endings and beginnings. So many veils were lifted... So much energy was awakened? So many deep changes and transformations occurred... India is a land of extremes: from the filthy to the pristine, from the ridiculous to the sublime? It?s a country filled with mystery and mayhem, with the mundane and the marvelous!


For the work of healing and growth, there?s no need for methods or techniques or exercises or practices. Without doubt, it serves to permanently change you if you simply surrender to its rhythms, its ways, its people!

It certainly did that for everyone in our little group: Tania from Mexico, Mihail from Romania (Toronto), Rita from Lithuania (London), and Jonathan from England (Tallinn). Our group, grew to include Heiki from Estonia, Shivananda from Russia, and Rakesh from the Netherlands. We also made some deep connections with Keeshan one of our drivers, and Sabernath a chela from the Sariska Forest Ashram. Each of us also made personal connections with others along the way.

Our journey began in Delhi, and took us to Agra and the Taj Mahal; then to Rajasthan and Jaipur and the Alwar District; to Hadiwar and Haldwani and Herrekhan? to Mount Kailash, the home of Shiva, to Chennai (Madras) and the ?Golden City? in the south; to Mamallapuram on the coast, and then back to Delhi.

We traveled by foot, by rickshaw, by motorcycle, by taxi, bus, train, plane, and Tania even got a ride on a camel! We witnessed the amazing resiliency of human nature and the awesome power of the human spirit, to find joy and laughter and peace and contentment, even in the middle of the most difficult of life situations.

Along the way, we saw death on the highway (a collision between a motorcycle and an SUV). We met monks and monkeys, wild dogs and wild peacocks, saddhus and saints. We met old beggars with dull faces and vacant stares, and we met young children with bright eyes and radiant smiles. We saw bent and broken bodies and ageless immortal spirits. We

experienced peaceful villages and polluted cities. We waded in rivers so clean you could drink from them, and walked down streets so dirty you couldn?t breathe on them!

At one of the train stations, we were caught on a long stairway and a narrow passage, trapped in a crowd so thick and angry that we thought we?d be trampled. In the foothills of the Himalayas, it was so quiet and peaceful, so silent and spacious; it seemed that no one else on earth existed.

We experienced our own limitations, met our ultimate potential and our own shortcomings to it. We stretched and we grew. We surrendered and we celebrated. We found ourselves?almost randomly?supporting and honoring some people, while ignoring and avoiding others. We were given food by some people, and we fed others. We served and we were served. We inspired others and were inspired by them.

We were each given gifts that will surely last a lifetime. Some of our planned stops and connections never took place. And instead, we found ourselves surrendering to surprises, to the unexpected, the unplanned? and ultimately the miraculous!

I am thinking of going back in November, to spend more time up north in Herrekhan and Mt. Kailash, and more time down the South on the beach at Mamallapuram.

One of the lessons on this trip was the need for compassion. This is so important not only toward others who seem to be lost or stuck or deliberately negative and unconscious, but also toward ourselves as we experience our own ups and downs, foolishly rushing ahead and constantly falling back?

And we also need to remember compassion for those who are closest to us as they tend to hold onto and relate to their old ideas about us. Throughout life, especially a life devoted to healing and growth, to awakening and self-realization, we naturally change in many ways. And we often find that some of our closest relatives may not accept or even recognize those changes.

Breathwork or a trip to India like this can completely change us. And everyone will have their own reactions to these changes. We can become totally different people on the inside, and yet we may find ourselves slipping back into our old outward ways of being, especially around family and friends, and those who think they know us so well.

Out of love and compassion, or convenience or laziness, we may find ourselves speaking and acting in old familiar ways, in order to make it easier for those people to continue to relate to us. Anyone who has ever become a vegetarian and then visits home at Christmas or Thanksgiving, and has to deal with roasted turkeys and broiled hams, with meat pies and blood pudding, knows exactly what I mean!

It takes great effort and courage to change the fundamental way you operate in the world, and then to honestly and consistently function on that basis. Once you?ve touched and tasted something deeper, something higher in yourself, it takes great imagination and discipline to express and reflect the new life that calls you from within. This is especially difficult if you are trying to maintain the old style and form of your relationships. Maybe that is what Jesus meant when he said we had to ?leave our parents and children? our husbands and wives?? to reach the Kingdom.

In this regard, this trip has been much easier for me than my first one in 1980. My life and my work are based on transformation, on healing and growth in spirit, mind, and body. And so in a strange and surprising way, I am finding that a well balanced and well established ego can be the most useful servant on the path to liberation?providing that one is ready willing and able to drop it at any moment! This persona provides us with habits and structures, an automatic way of being, that allow us to operate and function in the world and to participate in society quite easily and effortlessly... even as our internal foundations are being totally uprooted and completely re-formed.

At the Oneness University and the Golden City near Chennai (home to the ?Deeksha? movement), we witnessed some people called the ?divine beings.? They were, for the most part, quite non-functioning in normal societal terms?too deep into Samadhi and bliss to walk or talk or eat or sleep or act like everyday people. They are simply sitting and meditating, generating or channeling the energy of love and peace and joy. Others have to protect them and to tend to their basic needs. But their radiant contribution to a vital spiritual community, devoted to love and selfless

service, is more than tangible: it is tremendously uplifting and inspiring!

Yet we who are on our own unique path and striving to function in the world of work and play, of money and travel, of family and relationships?we need something different. The International Breathwork Community offers the possibility of such a structure. And the Worldwide Spiritual Breathing Movement provides exactly that support for me, and for

many others.

One thing is certain: complete and constant renewing of our heart and mind is a basic requirement for self-realization and ultimate liberation. Breathwork, Spiritual Breathing?and a trip to India?definitely helps one

to accomplish that! In any case, the real task is to be true to oneself no matter what.

The real game is to dare to express and reflect the deep changes that constantly occur with personal growth and spiritual development, regardless of the reactions and judgments of other people. We really have no choice but to trust our heart, and to trust that those who really love us will understand and adjust, that they will support, encourage, and celebrate our changes!

I get emails all the time from people I don?t even know; and I hear rumors being spread by these people who think that they know me. They have put me in a box. They have categorized me or labeled me according to their own needs or desires or fears or conditioning. They define or describe me based on the limits of their own understanding. And yet they feel so certain of what they think they ?know.? But in fact I am always changing, even as the deepest part of me is utterly unchangeable and eternally unmoving? What an amazing and delicious paradox! What an impossible thing

to try and wrap one?s mind around!

If people want to let their minds get in the way, that is up to them. If it is one thing that India teaches us, it is that there is a grand and beautiful existence before and beyond the mind, before and beyond what we think we know about ourselves and each other! Anyone who talks about the ideas that they hold is really talking about the past. And the past is dead. I am life and life is a river that constantly flows.

Here is a freshly renewed lesson for me: We'll never meet anyone in the world with whom we agree completely. And the sooner we stop making agreement and like-mindedness a condition for love, the sooner we will create unlimited inner peace and unending world peace. The sooner we stop letting ideas come between us, the sooner we will experience undying love and eternal oneness. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti! Jai Maha Maya Ki Jai!

A peak moment for me on this trip to India was shaving my head in Herrekhan. Laying in the Ganges afterward? feeling the river flow through my body? entering the top of my head and flowing out my fingers and toes? merging into that sparkling flow? was pure ecstasy! Just one day and night at the foot of Mt. Kailash, the home of Shiva, and I was completely rejuvenated!

Another lesson came with the shaving of my head: looking at all that hair on the ground was like looking into the past! Without all that hair and all that history to filter and condition the life energy around me, I began to receive, absorb and process much more of other people?s ?stuff.? I felt more naked and more exposed than ever before. On so many levels and in so many ways, my breathing system was working overtime to keep me centered, in comfort and balance.

A real blessing was to be surrounded by such loving and patient and flexible and sensitive people. They made everything so much lighter, easier and more fun to deal with! Thank you so much to Tania for her love and passion, to Rita for her freedom and joy, to Jonathan and Mikhail for their ease and acceptance. They created such a perfect environment to do inner work. I am also grateful to Heiki and to Shivananda, and to everyone that we encountered along the way. Thank you all for being a part of this glorious and wondrous and unforgettable journey!

One more very important personal lesson or realization for me concerned the power and the value of ritual. This is something that I have underestimated and even avoided in recent years. But it is something that is looking for expression through me. So look for more of that in the coming workshops and trainings!

Here is a quick look at part of the current 2006 Schedule:

February 10-20: Cancun, Mexico

February 23-March 1: Tulsa, Oklahoma

March 4-5: Manchester, New Hampshire

March 6-9: Boston/Providence

March 10-19: Paris, France

March 23-30: Vilnius, Lithuania

March 30- April 9: Kharvov/Kiev, Ukraine

April 10-12: Minsk, Belarus

April 13-17: Moscow, Russia

April 18-25: Alma Ata, Kazakhstan

April 26-May 2: Ufa/Salavat/Neftekamsk, Bashkortostan

May 4-14: Tallinn, Estonia

May 18-28: Buenos Aires, Argentina

June 8-15: Urbino, Italy

June 17-25: Vilnius, Lithuania

June 26-July 2: Paris, France

August 6-13: Windham, New York

August 18-28: Portland, Oregon

About the current Breathworker Training Program: Some people are choosing to do a month straight of intensive practical training. Others are choosing to do one week in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. And still others are going to take up to two years (or longer) to complete the practical portions. My commitment is to work with you until you have established yourself in a successful breathwork practice, or until you reach your personal goals.

Everyone brings their own talents and experience to this process. Everyone starts from where they are and moves at his or her own pace. If you have been thinking about training as a breathworker, you are not alone. If you are ready to begin the training, don?t let time or money or health or anything else stop you. Begin now!

Imagine that you are breathing healing energy into every cell of your body...

Imagine that you are breathing light into every crack and crevice of your being...

Imagine that you are breathing life and aliveness into your organs and limbs?

Imagine that you are breathing peace and love and joy into yourself and into the world...

Ruta in Estonia, one of my favorite breathers in the world, once summed up the practice in this way: ?Be your real true self. Feel your connection to others. And remember to love!?

Phuro! (Be inspired!)

Dan Brulé (Guchu Ram Singh)



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