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Interview With Leonard Orr

Leonard Orr

2 of May 2004, Moscow

T: Mainly I am interested now in rebirthing, how it was in the beginning, and what is the difference now?

L: O.K. Yes. I am talking now.

Rebirthing for me started with the Christians. One day I came to Church when I was going to college, so one member of the Church had died, they were having burial service. I thought might be he wasn't a Christian, because Christians don?t die.

I couldn't understand that, that really raised very deep questions for me, what is Christianity all about? What is life all about? How does death work? Why do Christians die? I didn't really get answers to those questions until ten or twenty years later.

Six years later I read book about physical immortality. They put into words my questions and it started me thinking about the body and helping the body as helping the mind and living with harmony with our divine nature.

That became an important concept in my evolution.

In 1965 till 1967 I was suicidal, most of the time for two years. In spite of the fact that I was spiritual enlightened and practiced self improvement as consciously as I could. I wondered why I was suicidal all the time?

T: What do you mean by suicidal?

L: I was so miserable inside so I was thinking about killing myself. Actually killing myself was in harmony with my moral and philosophical perspective. Thinking on it from the bigger picture:

Physical immortality was the concept that enable me to look for the core of my problem and I realized the death urge.

So, it took me six month to heal my death urge, and since than time life become easier. The death urge is the most destructive to killing the personality.

I had my first rebirthing experience in 1962 with a spontaneous regression experience. I started spending more time in my bath-tub which stimulated a lot of personal insights, and gave me more power in my life. So rebirthing in that sense was helpful, but I didn't do anything about the breathing, just staying in the water.

I was being able to reach a certain degree of insight in to myself and peace of mind and pleasure of being. So, that was an important spiritual discipline. And it still is. Still in the bath for 25 years.

T: Do you breathe?

L: Since I learnt about breathing . I didn't perfect my understanding of breathing until 1974 or 75.

Unraveling the death urge was very important in my development, understanding that death has no power.

It makes me feel safe enough psychologically to remember my birth; just to have a birth memory gave me a spontaneous regression experience.

T: What was the regression?

L: At home we didn't have a shower when I grew up, in college I got into the habit of taking a shower. But then I moved into a room in a house where they didn?t have a shower. I went into the bath and I couldn?t get out. I hand no physical strength to move, so I was stuck there, I just kind of surrendered to the experience, I don't know how long the experience was, at least couple of hours, before I could go out of bath and go to work. I didn't know what happen to me until at least five years later, when I was studying about birth trauma, primal therapy and those things. As a result of healing my death urge I have many birth releases, many , many deep early memories, incarnated memories.

T: Did you re-experience of happened or did you just get an understanding of it?

L: This is good question. In my own experience and in observing thousands of people, when people are re-experiencing usually there is no understanding, even conceptual awareness, because they are in the experience, narrowing the experiencing, there is no conceptual understanding. What was happening to them - I am gonna be born, it is just happens to them, fear and all the other sensations that occurring during the experience to them. They don't even have a conceptual understanding or even perception, except of memory - for example ? something opens and I see a light for a first time, or when the contractions start- it is very powerful, we don?t view it as contractions.

After you relive the experience and you ask yourself what happened, then you start to have a conceptual understanding. What can it be?

T: Why did you do that?

L: I was intellectually curious. I was always trying to understand the experience. Analysis came after. I developed a spiritual psychology seminar in the 60?s. And I was giving this seminar to a group of people. I told them about my birth memories, and they said - we want to have a birth memory. First the technique of rebirthing was - to get in to your bath and stay till you want to go out and then stay for an hour longer. I noticed in my own experience, that the feeling ?it is time to get out? is based upon on a feeling of urgency inside of us, and if we go further through our feeling of urgency we automatically get a powerful insight into our life.

T: What was the temperature?

L: Body temperature. Just to feel warm and comfortable. What feels most comfortable. When people did that, they came to me later and said to me that was the powerful experience.

Than I started facilitating, putting people into that experience. Then I asked the question, because I saw the healing of the breath, - is it possible to have that experience out of water. So we did it. Perfecting the training for rebirthers.

T: Why did you call it rebirthing?

L: You can't learn to breathe without confronting moment of first breath.

Those memories of birth and first breath spontaneously occur with a very large percentage of people who have two hour conscious breathing session. The word rebirthing has so much meaning. In 1979 I tried to change the word to conscious breathing. It didn't happen. The word rebirthing was so popular. We can use all kinds of different words. Conscious energy breathing is the best description.

Rebirthing just develops, even for people who have no birth memory at the first session or even at the first ten sessions, there are physiological birth memories, that the rebirther can see. The client doesn't see, but it is obvious to the rebirther. Symptoms disappear after the breathing.

But the idea of physical immortality is very important, because we can't reach the most dangerous part of ourselves until we feel safe. And as long as we think God is going to kill us, we can't feel safe.

T: What is purpose of rebirthing?

L: The ability to breathe energy as well as air. The larger purpose is to give us a tool for total healing of the personality and integration of mind, body and spirit. And when we do that and we can have peace, body mastery is the natural result, because the Body has tremendous integrity.

T: What is integration from your point of view? People in the breathing community use this word a lot.

L: I would define integration as relaxation and peace. And I use the words relaxation and peace, because integration has too many definitions.


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