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December Breath And Breathing Report From Dan Brule

This is Dan, the breathing man!Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the December Breath and Breathing Report from

I want to focus on one of the basics of Breathwork this month: the ?Rebirthing Technique.? But first some news:

It was so great to spend this month in the good old US of A! I loved
visiting Sedona and Santa Barbara again! Thank you to Anne for all her
help, and the folks at Seven Centers Yoga School


Thank you to Ambaya for her unconditional love
and support, and her tireless contribution to the full health and
well-being of so many people! ( Thank you to Serena
and Marguerite in Santa Barbara. They provided me such a perfect week of
work and rest!

Thank you to Ivonne ( and Toby (
for creating and holding such an amazing space of love and new
possibilities. Thank you to Bil for his presence and assistance, and to
thank you to Julia for bringing so much love and light to this work! All
of you have contributed as much to my growth and evolution as I did to

And thank you to everyone who participated in the seminars and sessions!
There were so many beautiful and talented people this time. So many clear
and bright souls! Thank you to Warren, Jim, Josh, Sammy, John, Bruce, to
Dominique, Kamala, Alicia, Grace, Linda, Christine, Rebecca, and to
everyone else. I wish I could list you all by name here! What a blessing
it was to breathe with you all! What a blessing it is to do this work, to
live this life, and to be of service to love in this way!

Next on the schedule is Lafayette, Louisiana: December 7-12? with a quick
stop in the New Orleans/Gulfport/Covington areas before heading back to
Texas for the holidays.

The India trip in January has taken on a life of its own. I originally
imagined that 4 or 5 people would accompany me, but instead there will be
45 of us on the adventure! It looks as if 2007 will be a year of wonderful
surprises for me! And I am sure that it will be the same for everyone who
lives in conscious connection to the Spirit of Life and Breath!

Things are accelerating on this planet! Tremendous changes are coming. The
next few years will bring events unlike anything the world has seen
before. As the energy increase, as things speed up, and the frequencies
get higher, it will be up to us to raise our own energy to match the
vibrations of the coming call to universal love and light! Breathwork is
definitely a vital tool for handling the acceleration! In fact, Spiritual
Breathing ensures that the journey of transformation will be one of pure
love and joy and peace!

So that brings me to the practice, the method?to the technique?known as

So many people around the world are doing this work now. And each person
brings his or her own style and focus to the process. As we learn and
grow, what we teach and how we teach, naturally changes: as we change, our
work changes.

But one thing has not and will not change: it is the specific way of
breathing that defines the Rebirthing movement. So I?d like to offer my
understanding of it, and the kind of coaching that I give in sessions.

The Rebirthing Breath, also called the ?Circular Rhythm? or Connected
Breathing.? can be defined or described in this way: ?conscious,
connected, circular, rhythmic, energy breathing.? It?s the art of
breathing energy as well as air. Here in a nutshell are the key elements
of the practice: the how to?s and what not?s of Rebirthing.

1. Breathe in and out the through the same passage.
2. The inhale is active and the exhale is passive.
3 There are no pauses or gaps between the breaths.

An active inhale means that you pull the breath in deliberately, expanding
the entire breathing cavity. A passive exhale means you simply let the
breath go: you set it free. Breathing through the same channel means that
you breathe either in and out the nose, or in and out the mouth: but not
in the nose and out the mouth. No pauses means that inhale and exhale come
together into a smooth steady uninterrupted flow: like a wheel turning.
Making the inhales active and the exhales passive is the act of merging
opposites?polarities like yin and yang?above and below, within and
without, past and future?

?Conscious Breathing?

Consciousness is the latest development in evolution: it is our greatest
tool for survival. For the most part, breathing is usually automatic and
unconscious. Your unconscious breathing habits, patterns and tendencies
are not necessarily natural or optimal. Conscious breathing allows us to
correct unhealthy or dysfunctional ways of breathing, and to heal the
breathing mechanism itself. Conscious breathing allows us to take over
from the machine. With conscious breathing, we can deliberately give the
breath a certain quality: we can breathe with a specific intention. We can
use the breath to increase our aliveness and joy, peace and power. We can
use it to reduce pain and tension, anxiety and stress. We can use it to
express and reflect our highest spiritual aspirations and values.

?Connected Breathing?

Connections in life are vital. We are intimately connected to life, to
nature, to each other, and to reality. The mind is connected to the body.
Emotions, chemistry, physiology, psychology, are all part of a unified
whole, and they are all connected to the breathing. Eliminating pauses,
gaps, and breaks in the breathing gives us a sense of wholeness, and a
direct experience of ?oneness.? It creates in us a unity of spirit, mind,
and body.

?Circular Breathing?

Circles and cycles are fundamental patterns or structures in life and in
the universe. Existence expresses them on every level. Life is rife with
them. Nature is based upon them, and functions according to them. Our own
growth, as well as cultural and social development moves forward in a
cyclical, circular fashion. Completion and wholeness is expressed by
circles and cycles. Any so by building this principle into the technique,
we ensure that what we do is in harmony with nature, life and the

?Rhythmic Breathing?

Rhythm is another fundamental universal principle. Building it into the
technique assures us that what we are doing with the breath is in harmony
with ?what is? naturally happening in the universe and in life. And rhythm
allows us to really get into the process. It provides a focus and it acts
as a gauge. As various thoughts and feelings and emotions arise, we can
observe changes in the breathing rhythm. And by consciously changing the
breathing rhythm, we can activate and clear various energies from our

?Energy Breathing?

Everything in life is an expression of energy; everything is a form of
energy. We are energy beings. This energy has been called prana, chi, ki,
life force, or spirit. It is the animating principle of life. It is the
?breath within the breath.? Light, sound, vibration: it?s what makes life
beautiful and powerful!

Changes always occur on the energy level before they are expressed
physically. By developing awareness and control of our life force energy,
we can stay ahead of illness. We can take a more conscious and creative
role in our own healing process. We can work in harmony with the changes
taking place on the planet. And we can better handle the everyday
conditions and circumstances of our lives. Mastering our relationship to
energy makes us captains of our ship, and masters of our destiny.

A simple way to understand the practice is to see it as engaging in one of
three breathing rhythms: fast and full, slow and full, or fast and
shallow. Use fast and full breathing when you want to activate a lot of
energy, or when you find yourself spacing out or going unconscious. Use
slow and full breathing when you want to integrate something
wonderful?when you want to take in a beautiful moment. Use fast and
shallow breathing when you are experiencing something intense or
uncomfortable, or when you simply want to have fun?when you want to play
with the energy!

When you practice the rebirthing technique?while breathing in this
connected circular rhythmic way?stay awake, be aware! Watch your thoughts.
Pay attention to the feelings and sensations in your body. Don?t react,
resist or judge. Instead: accept, allow and enjoy! Don?t try to control
the natural healing process. Just observe it. Be a witness to it.

It is so simple: just breathe in and out without stopping, holding,
pushing, forcing, avoiding, or resisting... In the beginning, it helps to
give the inhale an ?oohh? shape; and to give the exhale has an ?aahh?

After several minutes of connected breathing, the ?energy experience?
begins. Allow this energy to come up, to move, and to take over your body.
Use every inhale to draw in more energy, and use every exhale to relax
into the energy. Keep letting go into the experience. Don?t try to control
the energy. Keep relaxing more with each breath. Notice any tightness in
your muscles. Deliberately release this tension with each breath. Keep
expanding with each inhale.

Think ?soft and open, soft and open? ?expand and relax, expand and
release? ?pull in and let go, pull in and let go? Keep your jaw, neck,
shoulders, hands, back, belly, legs relaxed. Keep your throat open and
your chest loose.

Various ?symptoms? will come and go throughout the process: like
dizziness, tremors, vibrations, sensations of heat, cold, spontaneous
laughter, crying, primal sounds, emotional releases, memories, images,
insights, etc. Simply allow and observe these things along the way of this
inner journey. Don?t let any of these things interfere with, or interrupt
the breathing rhythm, or your relaxation. Don?t let them send you into
thoughts and judgments. Simply breathe and relax into each new feeling,
sensation, and emotion.

Remember that under every feeling is another feeling; behind every emotion
is another emotion. And behind it all, under it all, is pure love, pure
peace, and pure joy. Keep moving?breathing and relaxing through
everything?all the levels, until you arrive at your ?Highest Center.?

Feel your feelings. Allow and accept whatever is happening in you to
happen, without acting on it, or reacting to it. Don?t judge or resist
your feelings. Turn every new thought, feeling or emotion?every
reaction?into another conscious inhale and another releasing exhale. Get
out of the way! Let something higher and deeper in you direct the process.
Let the life force have its way with you! Let go into the peace that
passes understanding!

Don?t be afraid of the unknown, or of loosing control. You are always
already free. You are always already safe. You are surrendering to a
higher part of yourself. Say ?yes? to life. Say yes to every part of you.
Say yes to everything that happens inside of you. Breathe love and light
into every cell of your body. Practice Forgiveness and Gratitude.

Let the breath open you to your deepest highest self. Melt into it. Merge
with it. Expand with it. Then come back, bringing with you the energy, the
flavor, the quality of that source, that essence! Be renewed by the
experience. Stay with the awareness of it. Use every breath to keep the
awareness of this place alive in you. And in between sessions, find simple
creative ways to share and express the divine being that you are! Find
ways to express the love and light that fills you when you breathe your
way to this place of awe!

Good luck in your practice!
With love and blessings,

Dan (Guchu Ram Singh)

PS: You are invited to join us in June for an extraordinary ten day nature
tour of Estonia; and then a glorious Spiritual Breathing Festival on the
Black Sea in the Crimea. And in August we?ll spend another delicious
luxurious week on the Hill That Breathes in Italy.

Finally, I am feeling very drawn to Spain. So if anyone would like to
organize an event there, please contact me.



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