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4. Ann Harrison

Breathwork consultations, trainings and meditation. At the Millthorpe Meditation Centre Ann offers individual Breathwork sessions, 8 day Breathwork training retreats and regular monthly meditation programmes

Millthorpe, Central West

5. Stress Release Physiotherapy

Learn to relax and breathe with ease

Christchurch, Christchurch City
Stress Release Physiotherapy specialising in breathing pattern disorders, stress and anxiety and relaxation. More Info

6. Journeylines Martha Calhoun

Movement toward wholeness.

Martha Calhoun Dave
Lismore, New South Wales
Individual therapy in person and online. Group retreats. Holotropic Breathwork retreats. Online supervision. Mentoring and Coaching. Online retreats. Training. More Info

7. Rebirthing NYC

Rebirthing Breathwork - The Bridge to the Power Within

New York, New York County
Rebirthing is most know for the ‘conscious connected breathing’ practice that came out of this movement in the 1970’s. Learn to breathe energy as well as air. More Info

8. Lars Mygind

Lars is passionate about spreading hope in the world.

Lars is passionate about spreading hope in the world. Primarily by teaching people “The Secret of Symptoms” also known as the Psychosomatic Traumamodel and emotional release. More Info

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